Shire Departments

In order for the Council to be able to provide good goverance for its district, it employs a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Shire, strategic management at the Council direction and for the implementation of Council decisions.

The CEO then employs a number of staff to assist with these key responsibilities. The Administration of the Shire of Wiluna has 5 main Departments or Sections that have specific Shire portfolios/responsibilities


The current Acting CEO of the Shire of Wiluna is Mr Dean Taylor

The CEO oversees the day-to-day operational and strategic management of the Shire, through Council decsion, and provides technical advice, support and leadership to all staff. The CEO is also delegated authority (called Delegation of Authority) by the Council to exercise/act out certain powers of the Council.

The CEO oversees the management ofall other Departments and works closely with those managers to ensure operations are efficient and compliant.

Some specific portfolios for the CEO include: Governance and Corporate/Compliance Matters (Council advice and support), Local Laws, Human Resources, Emergency Management, Elections, Town Planning and Regulatory Services (e.g animal control, public health and building matters) with assistance of external consultants, Bushfire Brigade and Public Relations.

The current Deputy CEO is Mr Colin Bastow.

Corporate Services

The current Manager of Corporate Services is Ms Glenn Deocampo.

Corporate Services are responsible for a lot of the internal service provision, that allows other Departments to operate efficiently.

The Corporate Services Department oversees functions including: Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Payroll, Records Management, Library, General Adminstration, Freedom of Information and Rating.

Glenn is assisted by a team of dedicated and experienced staff.

Technical Services

The current Executive Manager of Engineering and Development Services is Mr Louka Shopov..

Technial Services is the Shire's largest Department, as the Shire is required to maintain an extensive array of infrastructure including: Shire Buildings, Shire Housing, Rural Roads, Town Streets, Parks and Reserves, Swimming Pool and the Airport.

Technical Services also undertake: Private Works, Refuse/rubbish collection, Refuse Site/Tip Maintenance, Cemetary maintenance, Oval watering and garden maintenance.

The manager has a Leading Hand Foreman who helps him manage the Technical Services Department Staff.

Sport and Recreation

This Department provides a number of sporting and recreational activities and programmes to the wider community.

Some of the programmes include: Sporting competitions, School holiday activities, Quiz Nights and specific events for our children and youth.

This Department works from the Recreation Centre in Scotia Street, which includes basketball courts, a fully equipped gymnasium, sporting equipment, pool tables and much more!

Art Gallery

Ms Tracey Luke is employed by the Shire to mnage the Tjukurba Art Gallery; as well as the Gallery sales and exhibitions, Tracey works closely with the Biriliburru artists to assist them in developing their natural and brilliant art abilities.

Tracey will also be working on some broader visual arts projects including public art; Tracey has extensive experience in all things "Art".