Arts Encouragement Pilot Programme

September 20, 21 2004

Ullulla is a sheep station owned by Don Miller. A small aboriginal community, made up of several families, live and participate in a various activities such as shearing and seed collecting for mines revegetation.

Pictured below left enjoying their art work at Ullulla are: Priscilla Bingham, Coby Kirwan, Lee Williams, Joanne Bingham, Georgina Brown. The Shire of Wiluna initiated a 3 month program to investigate an interest in arts and crafts. The activities pictured above were positive and led to two TAFE Certificate programs over the following two years. Finally, the Tjukurba Art Gallery run by the Shire of Wiluna emerged as a vibrant and successful outcome of this early initiative.

Many participants including these below were gathered on the way were:

  • Sheila Friday Jones
  • Nigel Abbot
  • Cheryl Martin
  • Lesley Anne Jackman
  • Joanne Bingham
  • Eleanor Bingham
  • Sadie Jackman
  • Jeremy Bingham
  • Daniel Dale
  • Clifford Anderson