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The town of Wiluna is 966 kilometres northeast of Perth and is situated on the edge of the desert at the gateway to the Canning Stock Route and Gunbarrel Highway. Facilities at Wiluna include fuel, supermarket, police, hospital and post office.

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Canning Stock Route

In 1906 Alfred Canning was commissioned to survey and build a stock route from Wiluna to Halls Creek. The stock route through 1500 kilometres of desert took four years to complete.

The Canning Stock Route is one of the most isolated tracks on earth. This also makes it one of the most challenging 4WD tracks anywhere in the world today. Every year many 4WD enthusiasts take up the challenge to cross this harsh environment.

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The Shire of Wiluna is in no way responsible for the use, maintenance or condition of the Canning Stock Route. If you want up-to-date information regarding the condition of the track you may be able to find it by searching the Internet or accessing some of the suggested useful links.

The Gunbarrel Highway

The Gunbarrel Highway was explored and surveyed by Len Beadell, with completion of the last section of the road in 1958. The road was the first east-west road to go across the centre of Australia.

The Gunbarrel Highway is a popular 4WD route that directly connects Western Australia to many popular tourist destinations in central Australia. The road travels through a very isolated and unpopulated part of the Australian outback, with towns and fuel stops far and few between.

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Up-to-date information regarding the condition of the road and proper preparation should be made before attempting to travel across on the Gunbarrel Highway. You may be able to find some useful information by searching the Internet or accessing some of the suggested useful links. Contact the Shire of Wiluna office for information on the section of the Gunbarrel Highway that is inside the Shire.s boundary.


Night Parrot

Night Parrot

Small Parrot

The night parrot is a small parrot endemic to the continent of Australia. It is well known as being one of the most elusive and mysterious birds in the world, with no confirmed sightings of the bird between 1912 and 1979, leading to speculation that it was extinct. Sightings since 1979 have been extremely rare and the bird's population size is unknown, though based on the paucity of records it is thought to number between 50 and 249 mature individuals. The first photographic and video evidence of a live individual was publicly confirmed in July 2013. After seventeen thousand hours in the field over 15 years of searching, wildlife photographer John Young captured several photos and a 17-second video of the bird in western Queensland. In August 2015, the tagging and tracking of a live individual was announced on Australian media. Other live individuals were photographed in Queensland in late 2016, and sightings recorded in Western Australia and South Australia in 2017. A young bird, likely hatched in late 2017 was recorded in February 2018.

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Desert-Dwelling Marsupial Omnivore

Bilbies, or rabbit-bandicoots, are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores; they are members of the order Peramelemorphia. At the time of European colonisation of Australia, there were two species. The lesser bilby became extinct in the 1950s; the greater bilby survives but remains endangered. It is currently listed as a vulnerable species. It is on average 55 cm long, excluding the tail, which is usually around 29 cm long. Its fur is usually grey or white, it has a long pointy nose and very long ears, hence earning its nick-name, the rabbit-eared bandicoot.

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