The Shire obtains quotations for purchases between $1,500 and $250,000.

Purchases below $1,500 are obtained via direct purchase.

The Shire uses VendorPanel to simplify the way it sends and receives quotations to and from suppliers. VendorPanel is a web-based eProcurement system used by hundreds of organisations to increase transparency and compliance in quote-based purchasing from approved suppliers.

VendorPanel gives suppliers an easy and consistent way to hear about opportunities from the Shire. It is:

  • easy to set up;
  • alerts you to new quotation requests;
  • provides you with an opportunity to make the Shire aware of the goods, services and expertise you can offer.

VendorPanel is a free service to Suppliers, you can set up your account on the the public Market Place by clicking → VendorPanel Market Place