Tender Information

General Information

There are certain circumstances under which the Shire of Wiluna must call for tenders for the provision of goods, works or services. Calling of tenders, often called "Request for Tenders" are required to be advertised statewide; the Shire will also ensure that the tenders are advertised locally in Wiluna and surrounding districts as well as on this website.

The Local Government Act (WA) 1995 outlines the circumstances for when tenders must be called, as well as the advertising requirements.

Current Tender Information

Any current requests for tender will be advertised here, and documents will be made available for downloading.

Completed/Closed Tender Information

Records of completed and/or closed tenders can be located here.

Quotations and Suppliers Listings

From time to time, the Shire is required to seek quotations from suppliers for the provision of goods, works or services.

If you would like to be included on a suppliers distribution list, please send an email to the Shire reception@wiluna.wa.gov.au, that details:

  • Business or contact name and details
  • Services, goods or works that you provide