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Shire of Wiluna Public Documents
RFT 2017-01 Insurance Broking Risk Financing and Risk Management Services
RFT 2017-02 Reconstruction of Wongawol Road
RFT 2017-03 Management of Wiluna Public Swimming Pool Complex
RFT 2017-04 Painting of Interpretive Centre
RFT 2017-05 Establishment of a Pre-qualified panel of Electrical Contractors
RFT 2017-06 Supply of Road Plant with Operators (Flood Damage)
RFT 2017-07 Supervision Services (Flood Damage)
RFT 2017-08 Club Hotel Refurbishment
RFT 2017-09 Design and Construct 5 Staff Dwellings
RFT 2017-10 Application to Join a Pre-Qualified Panel of Electrical Contractors
RFT 2017-11 Aerodrome Management
RFT 2017-12 Supply of Maintenance Grading Services
RFT 2017-13 Rural Roads Construction
RFT 2017-14 Complete Sealing Service
RFT 2018-01 Fast Internet Service
RFT 2018-02 Joint Shared Services
RFT 2018-03 Supply of Hire Plant with Operators for Road Flood Damage Repairs under WANDDRA (AGRN 743)
RFT 2018-04 Wongawol Road Culverts and Floodways
RFT 2018-05 Wiluna Rural Roads Construction
RFT 2018-06 Wotton Street Revitalisation (Streetscaping Works)
RFT 2019-01 Insurance Broking Risk Financing and Risk Management Services
RFT 2019-02 Wotton Street Revitalisation Stage 1
RFT 2019-03 Supply and Delivery of Street Furniture
RFT 2019-04 Memorial Park Construction
RFT 2019-05 Supply and Delivery of 5m Dual-Cab Tip Truck
RFT 2019-06 Design and Construct Staff Housing
RFT 2019-07 Supply and Install Aerodrome Perimeter Fencing
RFT 2019-08 Rural Road Construction
RFT 2020-01 Operation of Wiluna Public Swimming Complex
RFT 2020-03 Supply and Erect Patios and Sheds
RFT 2020-05 Disposal of 2014 4x4 Dual Cab Ford Ranger
RFT 2020-06 Disposal of 2014 4x4 Super Cab Ford Ranger
RFT 2020-07 Disposal of 2019 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser VX V8 Wagon