Gallery Concept and Development

Attention Art Gallery Patrons:

The vision for this gallery was to provide a place to celebrate local art and history, a place for artists to display and sell their work and an attraction for visitors and thereby local business benefits.

In implementing the concept the following steps were followed over the course of a year:

  • In 2004, a new council was formed; CEO & Council went to Warburton Shire to see how they operated with a majority indigenous council and they were impressed with their art centre. Promise of loan of paintings if we 'ever' got a gallery off the ground
  • Pilot Arts encouragement program run here in Town, Bondini, Kutkububba, Ululla. Worked best at Ululla out station. Station owner Don Miller much appreciated for his support.
  • TAFE training was sought to improve and broaden skills. Positive response to the pilot program led to a collaboration with Geraldton TAFE ; joint delivery of Cert 2 Vis Art & Design. 20 students enrolled, 8 passed the course. In 2006 Cert 3 was delivered.
  • Grant support $10,000 given by Mid West Development Commission for painting and framing materials and gallery hanging gear.
  • The Shire had an unused disheveled but interesting building, repaired and refurbished it using own funds.
  • Warburton Arts sent over a loan of 16 beautiful paintings from their collection. These were hung to inspire and encourage Wiluna people who have family connections across to the Warburton ranges.
  • The Gallery name was tricky. Old word for this town was WEELOONA, an indigenous word said to mean place of winds, recorded in historic documents as such. Local people have another, less flattering interpretation. After some discussion and knowing looks the name decided on was 'Tjukurba' a widely recognised Martu word meaning story, dream-time story, or story of the lands. It is most appropriate as both art and history for all people who are a part of this shire are bound to this element.

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