Other Information

Suspended Floors

Suspended Floors, Structural Steel Buildings and Belowground Pools are to be designed by an Engineer with qualifications equal to corporate membership Institute of Engineers (Aust).

Required Setbacks

Required Setbacks
Front 7.5m
Rear 1.5m
Side 1.5m - subject to conformance with the Residential Planning Codes of Western Australia
Corner Lots 7.5m to the major street, 3.5m to the minor street subject to specific Council approval
Eaves The minimum distance between the eaves of a swelling and the boundary shall be 100mm

Septic Tanks and Leach Drains

Application forms and $135 fee (dependent on fixture numbers) to be submitted at the same time as each Building Application, if applicable.

Minimum Standards for Septic Tanks and Leach Drains

Normally, residential houses require a minimum of a 1500 Septic Tank and a 1200 Septic Tank connected to 2x12 metres of leach drain, installed in accordance with the relevant regulations. It is important to note that the registered plumber must check these details with the Environmental Health Officer before proceeding with any construction.

1. Septic tanks and leach drains are to be sized by the Principal Environmental Health Officer using the Treatment of Sewerage and Disposal of effluent and Liquid Waste Regulations.


  1. Septic tank lids to be sealed correctly as per the regulations and then covered.
  2. A minimum of 100 mm fall between inlet and outlet in the first (1500mm) septic tank.
  3. Tank bottoms to be concreted to comply with the regulations.
  4. Tanks to be no less than 1000mm and no greater than 1800mm apart.

NOTWITHSTANDING the above conditions, the septic tanks must comply with all aspects of the Treatment of Sewerage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste Regulations.

 3. Leach Drain construction and excavation to comply to the following conditions:

  1. Excavate 1m either side of the leach drain to a depth of 300mm below the final invert level of the drain segments.
  2. Ground under each leach drain to be shot fired every 610mm along the entire length to a depth of 2m (i.e.: 2300 below the final level of the leach drain).
  3. Top of each drain to be kept as close as possible to the finished ground level, and in any case, no further than 300mm from the finished ground level.
  4. Backfill to be fine aggregate (max 25mm) up to within 300mm of finished ground level.
  5. Leach drains to be constructed by using approved concrete domes or the heavy-duty form of Atlantis Modular Leach Drain (two centre baffles) installed in strict accord with manufacturers specifications.
  6. All Leach Drains are to have at least one (1) x 100mm Inspection Opening (brought to the surface and capped) to facilitate the pump-out of leach drains in cases of emergency, or as required.

Note: These conditions to be complied with before system is approved for use.

Council is only authorised to approve domestic systems. The Health Department of WA (HDWA) must approve any Commercial, or other installations. When making application to the HDWA, the applicant must obtain a Local Government Report from the appropriate Shire Environmental Health Officer (EHO), for which there is a fee of $135.00, and submit this with the application.