For many newcomers to this area the vastness of the country and the stark beauty of the rock formations grab attention. But what grows here, apart from the occasional magnificent display of wild flowers, can seem dull and boring. It is all so different. “What are all those trees and shrubs anyway?” It’s hard to appreciate.

The country is classified as desert because the long-term average rainfall for Wiluna is a mere 200mm. But it doesn’t look like a desert. There are way too many trees and shrubs. As well, it actually has more diversity of plants, shrubs and trees, than in many other places in Australia - places that have far more rain.

This leaflet gives a bit of an idea as to why this desert is so flourishing. As well, it will help you to recognise some of the more obvious and interesting trees and shrubs. When you come to know this country, the vegetation has a fascination all of its own. 

Trees and Shrubs in the Wiluna Region by Don Miller